Christina Bohannan is a mom, law professor, and former engineer. She is running for Congress because she believes we need less bickering in Washington, and more working together — for a government that works for the people. Christina will fight every day for Iowa families, kids, and small businesses because she believes if you work hard, you deserve a fair shot to get ahead.

The youngest of her parents’ three children, Christina grew up living in a trailer in a rural small town. Her parents never finished high school, and her mom worked at a daycare while her dad struggled to make ends meet as a construction worker.

When Christina was in high school, her dad got sick with emphysema, and his health insurance was cancelled, forcing her family to choose between paying for his medicine and paying for everything else. In Congress, Christina will take on big Pharma to lower the cost of prescription drugs.  

Thanks to the support and guidance of strong public school teachers, student loans, scholarships, and Christina’s hard work, she became the first in her family to graduate college. She worked her way through engineering school and then law school by picking oranges, cleaning trailers, and working as an engineer. Christina graduated first in her law school class and was Editor-in-Chief of the law review, and after graduation went on to clerk for the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

More than two decades ago, Christina was given a life changing opportunity to move to Iowa and become a law professor at the University of Iowa. She is proud to have raised her daughter here on the Iowa values of decency, fairness, and hard work. Christina’s daughter recently graduated from City High and is in her second year of college. In their community, Christina and her family have been involved in several organizations, including groups that advocate for women and girls, support hard-working and low-income families, and serve underprivileged areas.

At the University of Iowa law school, Christina teaches and writes in several areas of law, including teaching Constitutional Law, Torts, and Intellectual Property. She’s spent her career working on business innovation, capitalism, and economic growth, and teaching our young people about the importance of democracy in a country founded on the promise of freedom and equality.

In 2020, Christina stood up to run for office, taking on politics as usual and defeating a 20-year incumbent to now represent District 85 in the Iowa House. During her time in the Statehouse, Christina has listened to her community to protect working families, look out for seniors, push for more investment in our public schools, and help Iowa families and small businesses recover from the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19. She’s worked with both parties to pass legislation to crack down on human trafficking and to address the often overlooked problem of elder abuse.

Now, Christina is running for Congress because she believes we need a government that works for the people, not Washington special interests.  Too many Iowa families are struggling, worrying they’re just one bad break from not making ends meet, like her family was when her dad got sick. In Congress, Christina will take on greedy corporations responsible for price gouging and rising prices.  She will also work for more technical and vocational training for high-skill, high-wage jobs right here in Iowa, greater investment in our kids and schools, real steps to make Iowa a clean energy leader, strong protections for voting rights, and better access to quality, affordable health care and broadband all across Iowa.  

Outside of serving her community, Christina enjoys running, hiking, bike riding, and spending time with her daughter and husband.